Request new password

Forgot your password? You can request a new one here.

  • Enter your full login (= e-mail address).
  • Then enter your external e-mail address, which you have previously entered into Private > Settings > External Services > External e-mail address.
  • Click on the Request e-mail button. After that you will receive an e-mail in your external mailbox with the code to reset your password.
  • Enter this code into the new form. Then choose a new password and enter it into the field New password. The password should contain at least six characters. Retype your password in the following field.
  • Click on the Save button to change your password.


The administrators of institutions cannot request new passwords in this way.


Mind ASCII character set when choosing passwort

If you use your password only for authentication in a web browser, stop reading here. ;-)

But if you're using special characters in your password, which are not included in the ASCII character set (in this case you will be informed), please note that you can have problems when logging in to external applications (e.g. a mail client).

Following characters (including blank) belong to the ASCII character set:


Please consult Wikipedia for general information about ASCII: